who we are

A 15 years old Singapore Company

Arethos was founded in 2005 by a team of passionate IT professionals with the vision to provide high quality, affordable software services to Singapore.Over a period of time, Arethos invested time and people to strengthen its expertise in Microsoft SharePoint and .Net technologies. Arethos is a Microsoft's Certified Partner in Collaboration and Content Competency "stand out as a partner that is capable of delivering SharePoint solutions" since 2009.

App Development

Arethos has experience on working with Government and private clients’ applications based on latest and legacy technology.

Product Development

Arethos modernize logistics industry in North America with series of IoT products based on latest technologies and techniques.

Mobile Development

Arethos have experience on mobile app development at enterprise scale with IOT enabled features

Design Services

Innovative and creative design team to provide easy to use trending designs based on latest design concepts and technology.


Build Partnership With All Our Customers


Continuously Improve Our Processes To Increase Efficiency




Seek Feedback, Encourage Criticism

We Provide

Vision And Mission

Make life simple by empowering people with technology
Help Business, governments by providing high quality software solutions

Technology for the
Transportation Industry

15Years’ Experience in IT

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We Provide


SharePoint Enterprise
Arethos provides scalable, reliable and Quality product tailored according to customer.
SharePoint Workflow
We provide workflow solutions to ease the business process in an organization and reduce human intervention.
Custom Development
We build scalable and reliable solutions to be integrated with existing functionality.

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